Alexa Lead Management Tip Using Business Growth Technology And Tools

4 Lead Management Tip Using Business Growth Technology And Tools

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Once you are trying to find out ways to boost revenue and find growth, one of the most basic processes you require to take into consideration is to look into the lead management program in your company.
This is because, leads can arrive through a myriad different channel, and it is often times found in several organizations that there are many loosely held structures in place to react and manage these leads in absence of proper business growth technology and tools.

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As your businesses’ ability to accomplish the desired revenue targets essentially starts with good lead management skills, working around these four important tips can aid you in revamping your lead management efforts dramatically for rapid business growth.

  1. Create a Solid Definition of a Lead and Make Sure All Employees Value It

One of the biggest challenges that the sales team and the rest of the company face is in understanding the definition of a ‘Lead’.
It has been estimated by Gartner that more than 80 percent of leads that are sent to the sales team are never acted upon. This happens because of two primary reasons.

  • Firstly, the leads are routed to the wrong person and not in a timely manner.
  • Secondly, the leads sent are not ready to engage with the sales persons yet.

Hence, for effective lead management with business growth technology and tools and for finding better sales, you need to provide and educate your sales staffs with a more granular knowledge of as to when a lead becomes a prospective customer and should be forwarded to the sales for necessary actions.

  1. Adopt an Effective Customer Management Tool

For ultimate effectiveness in sales, you need to buy CRM and provide your sales reps with lead management tool that captures information about every interaction that your sales personals are having with their leads, prospects and customers.
Modern easy to use CRM software for managing leads, prospects and customers integrates different channels of communication, which includes emails, SMS, chat, social media listening, and more.

  1. Follow the Source

Your prospects most often hear about your business and your brand through referrals, ads, online banner ads, or any other forms of advertisement.
However, it is mandatory that you need to keep track of what actually caused your prospects to raise their hand so that you can understand which channel of communication works and does not work for generating your leads.
As a part of effective lead management strategy using easy to use CRM software, it is important that your sales team need to capture the source of all intervening events, so that you can understand how many times you need to touch your prospects and leads before converting them to customers.
Therefore, if you do not capture the source of your leads using a CRM for SMB or large enterprises, you will have no way to find out which lead sources are working for your business.

  1. Quickly Distribute the Leads

Lastly, studies have confirmed that if you can respond to a lead within 12 hours of a prospect establishing contact with you, your sales closing rate falls back drastically.

Just think about your own experience. How many times have you tried to contact a business establishment to request information and they never got back?
Hence, respond quickly and set your brand apart from your competition.
Using lead management software platforms like Salesforce or any other Salesforce Alternative CRM software solutions mostly used by small businesses helps in providing automatic reminders to your sales reps, since business growth technology solutions like easy to use CRM assists sales teams not to miss any calls and thereby stop leads falling through the crack.

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