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5 Trends You Should Follow In Sales In 2020

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Buyers in 2019 have the power to go online and then research offerings on-demand that can be made available to them in a matter of a few clicks.
These are the exact reason as to which businesses, be it big or small have a singular opportunity to sell more in less time.
However, with time and budget constraints added on to your sales teams, it becomes really impossible to access every business growth technology and tool in the toolbox to select the right solution to help your business grow.

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Hence in this article let us look at these unique sales trends that entrepreneurs will be following in 2020 to boost their sales cycles and harvest more revenue.

  1. Personalized Emails

By now in 2019 most businesses out there in the marketplace have relevant data on their customers. Now, these data-points can include basic facts such a prospect’s or customer’s name, address, email, telephone numbers and birthday while also having information about their buyer behaviors.
For an example, if your customer frequently orders a few offerings manufactured by your company, you can send them personalized emails with an exclusive offer on that product or service, which will not only illustrate that you cherish the relationship that your business has built with the customer, but it will even reward the customers for their unwavering loyalty.

  1. Mobile Apps

As of date, there are a few billion people on this planet who uses a Smartphone. In fact, this will not be a surprising fact to learn if you are also reading this article on your Android or iPhone.

Hence in this age of digitalization build a mobile app for your brand so that you reach the consumers of your brand directly and on the go.

This is because, a mobile app not only provides you full access to promote your offerings that match your buyer’s personas but it also helps to do it without any middle-man getting in the way, since mobile apps can let you enable push notifications to send personalized offers and messages right into the hand of your prospective customers immediately.

  1. Social Selling

According to Forbes more than even 92 percent of B2B businesses are directly influenced by social media channels, and therefore it is of no surprise that in 2019 most sales professionals are actively engaged with customers on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Now the only reason behind this approach to sales is that high-value customers and prospects of any brand are much easier to talk to on these social media platforms.

Therefore, as a B2B brand to place yourself on the prospect’s radar, try to reach out to them with relatable and relevant content that can aid your customers buy your offerings faster and thereby provide your company with rapid business growth.

  1. Micro-influencer Marketing

In modern times micro-influencers are the farthest picks from your social media moguls and celebrities who have millions of followers online.

This is because unlike celebs, micro-influencers are passionate people who really want to explore your offerings and provide their honest opinions about your products and services.

Moreover, the contents published by micro-influences on their blogs or social media websites are viewed by hundreds of people who take their advice as peer consults.

In fact, micro-influencers are easy to collaborate with and promote your brands’ offerings without burning a hole in your pocket.

Therefore with micro-influencer marketing, you can promote your offerings at an exclusive price for a niche audience and so in 2020 using Instagram as your best bet to find the most happening micro-influencer who is interested in your industry and thereafter push your offerings to a new market.

  1. Customer Relationship Management

Easy to use CRM software is a business growth technology solution that aids in centralizing all your customer-related information on a unified and robust platform.

Therefore once you buy CRM it this tool can come handy when you have one salesperson handling an account or a customer by helping them coordinate without their teammates without leaving their desk.

Most CRM software solutions, be it a powerful CRM platform like Salesforce or even Salesforce Alternative CRM solutions mostly used by startups and small businesses they come with useful features like contact and lead management, sales pipeline management, quote building, workflow, and Sales Force Automation , invoicing capabilities and more.

Fortunate a lot of CRM vendors in the marketplace offer a free trial to help you and your sales teams evaluate their CRM software even before you buy CRM to see if it is the right fit for your business.


Therefore to conclude, it can be said that in 2020 you need to proactively empower your sales teams with these trends in the coming year and implement them as a part of your business growth strategy for finding more customers, leads and revenue growth.

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