5 Steps to Create an Invincible Customer Success Team

Posted by Patricia Jones

You create a marketing team to find new leads. You hire a sales team to make new customers. And finally, you develop a customer success team to retain those customers whom your marketing and sales team has acquired and keep them happy. When it comes to cracking customer retention problems, there are so many places to get the ball rolling that it is nearly impossible to understand what you should tackle first. Here are 5 actionable steps that your customer success team can carry out to increase customer retention and see success in half the amount of time that you may need otherwise Read More

How To Find The Ideal Prospects In Your Sales Pipeline

Posted by RudyS

Although a healthy sales pipeline helps your team to meet its targets, but are you getting an insane number of customers into your sales pipeline due to the success of your team. Indeed, sales team requires healthy pipeline for its growth, but then again chasing anything that moves will surely cram your pipeline and make it fall sick. It has been often observed that having a large number of prospects those who do not fit your ideal customer profile prevents your team from reaching its optimal performance. Here are some of the most important facts about customers to help you find a healthier and more manageable pipeline. Read More

How Right Sales Reporting Helps You To Close More Deals

Posted by Dan

Performed rightly, sales reports can help managers quickly spot issues, analyze performances, and take necessary action to aid businesses to sell and grow faster. Moreover, good sales reports are also capable of providing income related business forecasting, budgeting plans and resourcing oriented business decisions for predictive sales. Hence, in nutshell, the bottom-line is, sales reports are priceless for any organization. Here are 3 types of sales reports that all businesses must have for understanding their growth. Read More

9 Golden Ideas to Run Your ABM (Account Based Marketing) Process

Posted by Patricia Jones

This is how ITSMA defines Account Based Marketing: “Treating individual accounts as a market in their own right.” So, ABM is a structured approach which has been developed and implemented for launching highly customized marketing campaigns to markets of one, which can be accounts, partners or prospects. Account Based Marketing aims at making the sales and marketing take a closer look at key business issues faced by the targets, mapping them to individuals, and thereafter, tailoring campaigns to address those issues. Read More

6 Key Steps for Account Based Marketing- That Really Works

Posted by StefanD

ABM stands for Account Based Marketing. Although over the past year since 2016, there has been more than 21% increase in the number of business establishments that have a full account based marketing in place, still it is a fairly new concept for many people in the marketing world. According to a research, it has been found that while the numbers of companies who have adopted this marketing tactic have almost doubled their growth as to what it was last year, but still lagging alignment between marketing and sales have restricted use of this marketing strategy in many ways. This is exactly why we are here to help you to understand ABM and learn how you can use it optimally in your market place. Read More

Experience Sales Lead Management Using ConvergeHub

Posted by Patricia Jones

According to Sales lead management principles – Leads are the lifeline of any kind of businesses. Therefore, converting leads to customers is what it really takes to remain and thrive in business. Once you know how to manage your leads in a structured and systematic way, you can, not only increase the number of leads that you generate but also amplify on how many of those leads you can convert at the end. Here are some of the interesting steps suggested by sales lead management teams, which can be also followed by using ConvergeHub CRM for SMBs. Read More

How to Choose the Best Mobile CRM Solutions for Small Business

Posted by StefanD

In the recent times, it has been observed that mobile devices (like smartphone, tablets etc.) have become an ever increasingly important tool for small business owners looking for an advantage in this cutthroat competitive world. Here is a list of the advantages of using Mobile CRM solutions for small businesses. Read More

Are CRM and Marketing Automation Software 2 Different Things?

Posted by Patricia Jones

Do you remember someone, who told you that England and Great Britain were not actually the same? Well, your mistake is completely understandable. Actually, Great Britain is composed of England, Scotland, and Wales, and so England is just a part of Great Britain.People often have the same kind of reaction when they realize that Marketing Automation software and CRM are different as both these software serves two distinctly different purposes. Read More

10 Tips to Make Use of Influencer Outreach to Perk up Brand Visibility

Posted by RudyS

Influencer outreach is definitely considered as a dominant asset when it comes to improving your brand’s visibility. Using content marketing strategy to scale up brand visibility is nothing new since you must have already used blogs and social media platforms to improve your brand’s outreach in the market. In a data compiled by B2C (Business 2 Community) research, it has been found that more than 93 percent of marketers use content marketing strategy for their business growth. Read More

Tips to Persuade Your Fence Sitting Prospects to Get Off the Fence

Posted by David Klein

There are also customers, who you may have come across often; people who ask many questions and do get engaged with your product, but then at the end fails to buy. Such ‘on the fence customers’ are most of the times quite difficult to convert, especially if you are running a business with a low return on your investments. Nevertheless, if you are still persistent, there are certain ways you can reduce the level of friction in engagement with these prospects and can convert them to customers by following a few strategies. Read More