Alexa Track Leads And Create Engagements Using Marketing CRM Platform

How To Strategically Track Leads and Create Effective Engagements Using Marketing CRM Platform

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Finding new leads and acquiring customers that are new is the lifeline of all businesses irrespective of their size big or small. Moreover, in modern times, many organizations think that satisfied customers and referrals are the best sources for acquiring new leads especially when they are using a marketing CRM platform for finding revenue growth.
Hence the above-stated fact is undoubtedly a sound principle and is also a marketing strategy to strive for.

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However, unless you are tracking and measuring the sources of your leads, this tactic is anecdotal and becomes a little more fanciful idea than company lore.

Here are a few tips that will help you in your lead tracking activities using easy to use CRM as a business growth technology for your company:

Get the Facts Right

Generally, leads are generated by innumerable sources, such as self-generated leads by the sales and marketing teams, or referrals from employees, vendors, clients, and business partners of an organization. Therefore, without thoughtful plans and campaigns to cultivate and get engaged with these lead sources, it is very natural to lose control what are the lead sources that work best for your organization and has the ability to meet your goals.

Giving some thought to these best practices for lead tracking, we are sure, you will for sure quickly see gaps that need to be addressed as noted below:

  • Primarily, make sure how many leads you desire to generate by source. To take this step further you can set a monthly/weekly goal for your marketing and sales teams for each kind of leads that you want.
  • Next, communicate your lead acquisition expectations to your marketing, sales, and customer support teams. For in case they are unaware of what you are shooting for, they cannot support you or align their daily activities, with what that are needed to meet your set goals.
  • Conduct outreach and create marketing campaigns using a marketing CRM platform for engaging with each lead acquisition groups, through SEO, social media, event marketing, and traditional inbound marketing programs.
  • Finally, buy a business CRM to conduct lead tracking, measure, and analyze your results. Since this is the only way by which you will be able to know your campaign’s success and make you understand if your leads are coming from the expected sources and to the extent that you expect them to meet your company’s needs.

Track and Measure in CRM

Enterprise-level CRM platforms like Salesforce or Salesforce Alternative CRM solutions mostly used by small and medium businesses have quite a few functionalities for tracking and comparing real-time lead results to your lead source objectives.

Here are a few steps that you can follow to set up all the needed elements that can ensure an accurate and meaningful analysis of your lead acquisition skills.

  • Establish your primary lead sources with an all in one CRM Apart from traditional lead sources such as banner ads, trade shows, referrals, and SEO, be sure that you also include marketing campaigns to measure the overall effectiveness of your lead acquisition plans and tweak accordingly to improve upon the end results.
  • Create deeper levels of details for activities that produce a lot of For example, trade show leads can be broken down to names of all the trade shows that forms a significant part of your businesses’ event marketing strategy. Similarly, referral leads can be subdivided into vendors, customers, and business partners once you segment the leads inside your CRM database.
  • Establish your goals by entering the expected numbers of leads that you require from each source.
  • Once you a marketing CRM platform associates every contact and new accounts entered in the software, with a specific campaign or lead source.
  • Identify by lead tracking as proof around your effort, which lead source tracks best from opportunities through to sales.


Therefore if you already know what is a CRM, now applying these best practices will not only help you to find superior control over lead generation skills but it will also aid in improving the effectiveness of your sales and support reps using this business growth training and tools in finding your best and most loyal customers.

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