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Tips for Managing Digital Events Using The Best CRM Software For Small Business And Startups

CRM | by Patricia Jones

How do we use my best CRM software for small business for managing our digital events?

How can our present business CRM also aid in leverage the information and data that we are gaining from organizing free events?

Can we exponentially grow our mailing list be attracting the best speakers for our online webinars?

Now, if all these myriad questions are racing through your mind, read on for finding some of your answers.

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It is a true fact that when these COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted, the event industry will once again see a beacon of light at the end of its dark tunnel.

Nevertheless, in the meanwhile, live events have been replaced by digital events during this pandemic, with so many proficient speakers now being available right at their homes and are ready to speak, which is making digital events find its way into the lives of so many professionals across the globe.

Hence in this article, let us see how we can not only save time but even find more conversions, achieve the highest engagement/attendance for digital conferences and webinars by using the best CRM software for small business for revenue growth.

There are many we have seen in the recent times as one of the most popular vendors of Salesforce Alternative CRM tools who says: “We are already having an event software of our choice, do we still need a CRM?”

The answer is – Yes.

Additionally, we would like to mention over here that you will also need a suite of software products to organize an online event that will not only provide you the necessary help before and during the event but also after the event has been completed successfully.

Now an event irrespective of whether it is conducted live or online is primarily a lead generation tool, which helps businesses to attract new customers, spread their brand awareness and add weight to your company’s authority as an expert in any chosen niche.

Hence, ideally, for achieving success through online conferences and webinars, your business needs an arsenal of event hosting software that includes:

– Event planning software

– Easy to use CRM solution

– Marketing automation apps

– Ticketing software

– Performance management solution

– Waiver software

Therefore, it is unneeded to say, that to make all these data flow impeccably from one solution to another, you will need tools like PieSync or Zapier which can help the free flow of information while including a CRM for small and medium business into your event management routine will not only optimize the process itself but also enrich your database for further marketing and ticket sale.


If your business is already using the best CRM software for small business you must be knowing the value of email marketing.

Enrichment of an email list is one of the biggest priorities of any marketer for the promotion of their digital events.

Apart from this CRM also helps in task assignment which is another important reason to integrate a business CRM into your preferred technical stack while conducting an event digitally.

Analytics and reporting is another feature that calls for using a CRM for managing small and big events, irrespective of whether they are digital or live, which is specifically important when an event is recurring since the information of the past events stored in the CRM database can help provide insights into the ticket booking process and also optimize a lot of other processes that can cut costs for the next events.

This is how you can do it.

Put Marketing On Steroids

When you decide on using an easy to use CRM along with your event managing software, you can make your marketing more efficient.

This is because the best CRM software for small business CRM is a tool that allows the user of the software to send mass emails, monitor open rates, upload existing contact lists with just a few clicks, help create a series of automated emails, create different segments by assigning custom tags, and more.

It has been observed that drafting emails that are appropriate for the audience increases email open rates which ultimately results in more ticket sales.

For this, you can segment the profiles of your customers in the CRM software’s database based on their location, interest, gender, and any other custom parameters, and thereafter send personalized messages for higher conversions.

Use CRM For Team Management

You will always find that your team members are never on the same page unless they are using a business growth technology like CRM.

This is because team members for any event come from different backgrounds, whereby some might be new, while others might have done dozens of events with your company.

Hence for streamlining all processes, delegating tasks, controlling their execution, assigning teams to work on a project, it is only an easy to use CRM that can provide the overview of the progress of your teams easily in a dashboard, which can act as a mission control center for your live or online events.

Target Event Attendees By Location

Attendees are the raison d’etre of why brands and businesses organize live or online events in the first place.

Therefore using a CRM for SMB you can separate the locals from the non-locals and offer them different packages.

Using lead and customer segmentation in a CRM you can also market in different languages based on the country of origin of the attendees will participate in your online events.

Apart from it if you are using specific colors, fronts, or using a mascot for your branding, CRM is a tool that can even help in choosing the branding elements that will resonate with different cultural values of the selected audience that your business is addressing.

Know Your ROI

If the C-Suite executives of any organization want to know about anything- one of them would be ROI.

Hence having invested in an event, the management would always want to know:

– Was it worth doing it?

– Is it worth repeating the event?

Now, ROI is one of the most important metrics that can help answer these questions.

Therefore when you integrate your event management software with an easy to use CRM, not only it helps you to track the timeframe, efficiency, and costs incurred at every leg of the customer’s journey, but you can utilize this data forever, to perfect the patterns of your event workflows once the information is stored in a CRM.

Reduce Manual Workload For Digital Events

The best CRM software for small business is a tool that is popular across all industries since it creates efficiencies and saves time. This is also relevant to the event management niche.

Hence once you use a CRM with your event management tool, you can bid goodbye to sending guest invitations individually or keep remembering not to miss sending out reminders to all your prospective audience at the right intervals and on time.

This is because CRM is a tool that will easily ensure all routine processes for your online events are routine processes and are automated and scheduled in advance.

Moreover, business CRM can let you set up alerts if any deadlines are broken.

Take Charge Of Lead Quality

Understanding the journey of the leads, audience, or the customers is fundamental to the success of any business.

Therefore if you are conducting an online or even a live event, you must look into the quality of your leads at every stage of the conversion which can help to convert more leads and also understand better why any leakage has occurred whereby some of the leads have fallen through the crack.

Nevertheless, when you use a CRM and allocate your leads to the next stage of the funnel, marketing automation in a marketing CRM software is likely to start sending the content required respective to that stage of the customer’s journey.

Moreover, reporting based on data found around these activities can also provide actionable insights that have the power to advance your sales process now and keep it tight for the next events.

Measure Success Of You Digital Event

Finally, as reporting and analysis are a pivotal piece of the puzzle of any successful business, if your company knows how to read insights and translate them into actionable insights, you can easily use the completive edge of the analytical data stored in the best CRM software for small business CRM for boosting your event’s lead generation or work better with the attendee management features that are available in most event management software.

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