Alexa Use Your Easy To Use CRM For So Much More Than Sales

Unique Ways To Use Your Easy To Use CRM For So Much More Than Sales

CRM | by Patricia Jones
Easy to use CRM

Now that you know what is CRM software, do you also know that easy to use CRM can do much more than just manage and monitor sales?

In general, most businesses would use their CRM tool to predominantly manage activities like sales. Nevertheless, you should not just assume that your CRM is just a tool developed for daily monitoring of prospects, customers, and leads.

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The real fact is there are also several ways you can make use of your easy to use CRM solution, like for competitor tracking, HR support, or even something as simple as creating a content calendar- the right CRM system be it Salesforce or any other Salesforce Alternative CRM software can carry out all these tasks for you and more.

Therefore, here in this article let us guide you with some other unique ways you can use your best small business CRM software if you are in an SMB to automate time-taking manual tasks:

  1. Integrate email marketing processes

Any recurring email marketing task or program can be automated and enhanced with easy to use CRM. If you are in a small business you can use an all-in-one CRM like ConvergeHub to gauge the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.
Hence, here is a basic snapshot of what you can do:

  • Completely synchronize your email’s inbox to any popular email provider like Gmail, MS Outlook and others
  • Use a variety of customizable email templates to save upon time preparing recurring customer communications
  • Email to all your contacts in the CRM database directly from ConvergeHub, which will be synced back to your inbox
  • Look at any specific contact or deal and view all emails associated with that person or deal at a glance
  • Find real-time notifications the very moment a prospect opens your email or even clicks on a link to help you with your follow-up strategies
  1. Hiring and onboarding

You can use your easy to use CRM for tracking your job hiring and company onboarding processes. Just consider the similarity between tracking your contacts through the sales-pipeline and moving a suitable candidate through a structured induction or hiring process.
For this, you do not need a customized HR CRM since an easy to use CRM like ConvergeHub can also handle both.

  1. Account management

There are several people those that think to track their primary sales is the only work of a CRM. However, it is also true that your best small business CRM software can even be used to up-sell to the customers or build a robust relationship with customers over time.

In other words, your job is not completed once you sign a deal. Customer churn is the enemy of sustainable business growth. Therefore, you should use your CRM tool to manage the customer’s entire buying journey to help increase your revenue per customer and most importantly the average lifetime value of your buyers which can be measured easily using CLM CRM software like ConvergeHub.

  1. Project and event management

Do you have an exciting and new event or project going on in your organization? Do not pay for another business software tool; use your easy to use CRM to track those processes as well.

  1. Track your customers

If your customers accept cookies, there are CRM software platforms like ConvergeHub that can be linked to your website that provides you visibility of the user’s behaviors. It acts as a tracking tool to let you see which pages your website visitors have visited and whether they have dropped out before making a purchase. Once armed with this valuable information you can use this data to retarget the customers with advertisements.

  1. Cut down on administrative tasks

Using easy to use CRM software platform you can automate repetitive tasks that do not need human intervention. Simple day-to-day tasks such as typing and sending emails, creating activities, developing reports, and also gathering background information on prospects, all can be handled by your CRM.

Hence, using CRM software not only saves your employee’s precious time, but it also slashes the cost you spend on your existing resources.

  1. Handle all customer data correctly

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) imposes limitations on how businesses in the EU (European Union) can store and then manage a customer’s personal data.

However, even if you are based outside the European Union, you still have to adhere to the GDPR norms if your company handles the data of any European resident in the CRM database.

Easy to use CRM is a system that is capable of storing and securing your prospect and customer data to ensure that no third-party can see or access it.


Therefore, whatever be the requirement of your business, the right easy to use CRM software tool will definitely be able to assist in making all avenues of your business operations more efficient.

Hence remember your best small business CRM is not just a sales tool, as every department in your company can benefit from this software.

However, the question remains are you making the most of your easy to use CRM software ?

If it is not, click on the link below and try ConvergeHub CRM, for you never know how powerful and scalable ConvergeHub is if you do not use it.

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