Alexa Tips For Evaluating And Raising Support with Business CRM Tool

Four Vital Tips For Evaluating And Raising The Bar For Customer Support In Businesses

Customer Service | by Patricia Jones

World-class customer service will surely get you loyal and happy customers and amplify your revenues.
Just ask any satisfied customers why they liked your services and one thing they will all probably say is “Because your support team solves problems quickly”.
Hence as one of the most popular vendors of business CRM tools, we find quick turnaround time when it comes to dealing with customer issues is of utmost importance to your customer service reputation in the marketplace.

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However, it is needless to assume that you always need money to deliver prompt customer services.

This is because, you can even run a lean customer service machine, on a shoestring budget, if you are aware of what is CRM technology that can even be the envy of any Fortune 500 company.

In fact, according to Gartner Research, it has been found that if you are having a small business, odds are in your company’s favor that your establishment can deliver a higher level of customer satisfaction by customer tracking with the help of a business growth technology like a business CRM software.

Nevertheless, being small as an organization, you have the advantage of being nimble and approachable by your customers. In general, small businesses are not staggered by inter-departmental politics, and red tapes that big organizations face in their business establishments.

Hence, here are a few strategies that can help you to quickly deal with your customer issues. Most of these tools fall with the low to no cost category, but they definitely need investment in time and training if you want to enjoy the full benefit of these tips for decreasing the time needed for resolving your brand’s customer issues.

1. Use social media monitoring tools

Social listening on social media platforms may be one of the most helpful ways to track customers and solve their problems.
Encourage your customers to reach you out on social media platforms like

Facebook and Twitter and advise your customer care representatives to respond to them rapidly.

Now business CRM software, especially those that are integrated with social sharing features, better known as SCRM can help you listen in to the conversations of your followers on social media and thereby take necessary actions rapidly.

2. Take Advantage of Google Alerts

Although it is not a shiny and new application like social platforms, Google Alerts is also efficient if you need to keep an eye on what customers are saying online about your products or services.

Create a series of alerts with suitable keywords and set it up so that you can get necessary alerts by either RSS or email feeds. And the best part is as a Google product, it is free.

3. Use CRM software

You do not need to be on the list of Fortune 500 business establishments to buy CRM solution for keeping your customers happy.

In the present times and with the growth of cloud-based SaaS technology, depending on the scale and size of your small business, you can purchase Salesforce Alternative CRM software solutions that are price-performance leaders and are best suited for startups and small businesses.

However, if you want to spend more but stay with big names, vendors like Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce have also scaled-down versions of their lead management software for small and medium businesses but might prove extremely heavy in your pocket.

4. Use feedback apps for brick and mortar businesses
Although there are several options for receiving online customer feedback, never neglect spot feedback from customers when they visit your brick and mortar store.

One of the fast deploying technology in many niches is QR (Quick Response) codes. Small businesses can team up with vendors of QR code apps that insert quick response codes on products in the store.

By scanning, the code customers are redirected to a mobile-optimized form while they are still shopping in your store and leave suitable feedback that can be examined in real-time and so complaints found can be resolved rapidly.


Hence, to fetch up, it is necessary that all small businesses must focus on customer satisfaction by adopting a business CRM in this ever increasingly competitive marketplace, with the help of these vital tips that are sure to bring more happy customers and increase your ROI.sign up

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