Alexa Why Should Realtors Use An Easy To Use Real Estate CRM For Growth

Why Should Realtors Use An Easy To Use Real Estate CRM For More Productivity And Growth

CRM | by Patricia Jones

First off, adopting an easy to use real estate CRM software will make your business much productive.

In fact, according to a study published by Software Advice in 2018, it states that 45 percent of buyers of business CRM software are either in consulting or insurance markets or real estate.

Now, what do all these industries have in common?

Well, they all need to centralize their contact management system.

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Actually, any realtor deals with a lot of business-related problems and issues, and so any business growth technology solution that will cut back on their stress and make their life more productive is a plus.

Hence a CRM solution that is built just for the real estate business can easily help to eliminate some of the daily issues and challenges faced by the realtors which include:

  • Helping agents who have to manage a bulk of information (all at once)
  • Respond to customers, sellers, and landlords who want instant responses to their queries
  • Help agents who are mostly on-the-go and need a cloud-based software solution
  • Help agents who wish to keep in contact with former clients to boost relationships
  • Assist agents who need to quickly identify what is working and what is not without mulling over Excel spreadsheets

For example, a typical day of any realtor will be a whirlwind of customer meetings, catching up with other agents, conducting an inspection of properties and open houses, and scrambling to fulfill other duties like data entry in between it all.

Now one thing is for certain that real estate agents do not have the luxury of sending their working hours in front of their computer, and so keeping on top of paperwork is often a challenge that most realtors face every day.

Hence the advantages of using an easy to use real estate CRM can be a godsend for realtors who are always on-the-move.

In recent times most CRM solutions like Salesforce and all other Salesforce Alternative CRM platforms used by SMBs are cloud-based tools.
Therefore once you use a cloud based CRM software as a realtor you will be able to effectively take your office with you and have any relevant data on hand, quickly.

Additionally, once you work in real estate, you will understand the importance of building strong relationships as they can provide you a head start on a new property before it gets listed. Moreover, good relationships also help you calculate a fair price or gauge which properties are hot in the market.

However for all these, you as a builder or a real estate agent need the right information, and that too at the right time, at your fingertips, be that on potential clients, available properties, or neighborhoods, so that you can pass on this information to as many potential customers as possible.

Now, this where again an easy to use real estate CRM software comes into play one that is easily customizable for your specific needs.

No matter what size your real estate agency is, dealing with a barrage of inquiries and listings can be a real drag.

Hence segmenting contacts in your CRM database can save you time, and the right real estate CRM will provide you the tools to do so in your lead capture forms.

Now even though, controlling where a new lead lands in your real estate CRM solution’s sales funnel and what list they will belong to is completely up to you as you can choose whether you want to segment prospective leads by their timeline, their budget, or even their address and zip code.

However, segmenting contacts from the very moment a prospective lead enters your funnel can act as a game-changer for your real estate agency.

For example, let us assume that you have got a property for sale in downtown Chicago and you are wanting to send an invite for an open house. Once you adopt an all in one CRM for real estate in just a few clicks, you will have a list of prospects who are looking to buy in that zip code available to you.

In addition to this following up with prospective house buyers or tenants is key to any realtor’s business growth, but it also takes up a good chunk of a realtor’s day.

Now, not all leads are considered to be of equal value in the real estate marketplace.

But one thing you must as a realtor keep in mind is that every lead in your sales funnel needs to be nurtured, which implies following up with the leads consistently.

An easy to use real estate CRM will permit you to automate all your important follow-ups using templates that are pre-made and comes along with the software, enabling you to keep your own style and tone.

Hence once you schedule your follow-up emails using a CRM tool you are good to go, since your easy to use CRM will not only remind you it will even follow-up for you with your prospects just in time.

Finally, the time has come to close the deal.

As a real estate agent, you have kept the buyer interested and your seller is also happy with how the deal is progressing.

Therefore if you are using a CRM for real estate the right CRM will not only provide you with the ability to respond quickly to additional last-minute inquiries, but it will also help in arranging meetings with the buyer and the seller and track the results of those meetings.

It will make sure that as an agent you are on the right track to conduct a final walkthrough with the prospective buyer of the property before you hand over the keys after signing the contract.

Now in the realty marketplace, the sales do not complete until your customer has also signed the after-sales paperwork, and signing the appropriate paperwork is the most crucial phase of the deal.

Now even though as an agent or a realtor you understand the jargons within those contracts it is most unlikely that the buyer or seller of the property will also understand it and so you must make sure that you take your time to explain to them any portions of the deal or any terms they are unsure about.

Many CRM software solutions are there in the marketplace which can get seamlessly integrated with digital document signing applications like “DocuSign” whereby once all the papers are signed, your easy to use CRM will automatically move the deal to the end of your sales funnel.

Last but not the least, you can even set up an alert in your sales pipeline to remind you when it is the move-in day for the buyers of your properties so that no deal is ever forgotten and you can send the new property owners a move-in gift and also send the seller a gift for a successful sale.

Now even though this might be a small touch, but it can easily set your realty agency apart- so buy an easy to use real estate CRM that can help you to stand out from the crowd in this ever-competitive marketplace.

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