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ConvergeHub Adds Two New Compelling Features to its ‘Converged CRM’ Platform

San Francisco, CA April 19, 2016

ConvergeHub, the pioneer in Converged CRM for SMBs, announced the addition of two new features within its platform. They include Email History View Status and Reply All and Forward functionalities. After receiving great response for Lead Clipper and Round Robin Assignment rule last month, these two features are next in succession to get added to ConvergeHub.

Feature Highlights

1. Email History View Status: Email forms a major part of business communication. Approximately a business sends 20+ emails to customers, partners and associates, daily. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many emails are sent if the sender can’t see the ‘view’ status of these emails.

Whatever be the subject of the emails, whether they have been opened or not is a critical aspect of email tracking. And considering how this often harasses and distresses businesses, ConvergeHub has added Email History View Status – the feature required to track whether the emails sent from within the CRM have been viewed or not by the recipients.

2. Reply All and Forward: Responding to multiple individuals at once or resending messages are commonly done in emails. But both these tasks becoming taxing if there are no short cuts for them.

So ConvergeHub has went one step ahead and added ‘Reply All’ and ‘Forward’ functionalities to Gmail and all email clients that are/will be integrated with ConvergeHub through IMAP. It is indeed a great news for ConvergeHub users who can now respond or resend message to multiple individuals, at a single shot.

Learn more on these features and what compelling benefits do they carry for businesses, in ConvergeHub Blog section.

”Vast majority of customer conversations happen via email. That’s precisely why we’ve made ConvergeHub capable enough to work with any email system. Users can send and receive emails simultaneously within CRM and from other email clients! They can collaborate with the team by sharing emails and create richer customer profiles by linking emails with CRM data and streamlining all customer interactions together.

To further enhance the emailing experience within ConvergeHub, we have added Email History View Status and Reply All and Forward functionalities. Now all emails’ status will change from ‘delivered’ to ‘viewed’, once opened by recipients. Reply All and Forward will empower users to reply to everyone listed in message’s ‘From’ and ‘Cc’ fields and re-send emails to different email addresses, in ONE click,” – said Manash Chaudhuri, CEO of ConvergeHub.

About ConvergeHub

ConvergeHub launched its beta version in January 2013, followed with a production launch in June 2013. In a sharp contrast to the other CRMs, ConvergeHub did not blindly went on in an app integration spree. It understood the challenges of an integrated CRM solution and hence pioneered the concept of a Converged CRM solution for the SMBs.

Today, ConvergeHub stands as the ‘easiest Converged CRM for SMB’ that offers a comprehensive suite of customer management and engagement features. Fast growing small and medium-sized businesses across the world use ConvergeHub’s Sales Force Automation, Multi-channel Marketing, Marketing Automation, Case Management, Document Management and Collaboration, Business Process Management, Workflow Automation, Invoicing, Social integration, Project Management and Reports & Analytics. Unlike other small business CRMs that offer these features through third-party apps, ConvergeHub offers all directly from its parent cloud CRM platform.

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[This post was originally published in PRWEB]