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ConvergeHub and PieSync Partnerships a Powerful Integration for Real-Time Syncing of 200 Apps in the Cloud

San Francisco, DECEMBER 04, 2019

ConvergeHub, a leading provider of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions, is excited to announce that the ConvergeHub application is now in the PieSync app space.

This powerful integration of ConvergeHub with PieSync will allow the users of the CRM software to send and receive data from more than 200 cloud applications to work together quickly, automatically and easily for enjoying a data entry free workspace.

Customer data is one of the most vital and valuable assets of a company, as the adage goes- data is akin to money in the bank for your business.

PieSync’s two-way sync solution implies that whenever any customer’s information is modified or added in one app the necessary changes are automatically synced to the other one instantly.

Most average small and medium businesses can run dozens of different applications, which in totality form the app stack of any company.

Therefore with different teams using different applications, it really becomes hard to get all these apps to communicate and work together, leading to pesky data silos, that can be abolished by using PieSync with ConvergeHub.

In a recent statement made by Manash Chaudhuri (Co-Founder of ConvergeHub) sharing the significance of a simplified integration process, particularly for small and medium businesses, he quoted:

“I’m really excited that with ConvergeHub and PieSync, our customers will now find the ability to bi-directionally transfer and modify data seamlessly to match business processes and boost their productivity levels in an easy and cool way. With just a few clicks, now ConvergeHub users can send and receive data from our easy to use CRM and apps such as QuickBooks, PhoneBurner, Google Contacts, Mailchimp, Outlook, Facebook Lead Ads, Aircall, and more than 200 supporting apps found in the PieSync website, saving hours of manual data entry.”

Hence integrating PieSync with ConvergeHub’s powerful all-in-one CRM platform will now help businesses to more easily consolidate and leverage their priceless data from multiple solutions, reducing the inherent inefficiencies in working with disparate business tools.

Thanks to an intuitive dashboard, with PieSync you can create complex workflows between business apps in just a few clicks. You can choose which contacts, leads or companies to keep in sync according to labels, tags, group and other attributes. When you configure sync, PieSync keeps in mind your historical data and assists you if merging duplicates is necessary. The best part? No installation is required.

Moreover, this integration will also reduce manual errors since you have to enter your data only once and thereafter PieSync will updates in real-time across all your connected cloud-abased apps and syncs all your customer data across marketing, sales and customer service platforms instead of making your teams working in data silos.

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