Alexa How do you get future buyers to think of your product or service when its their time to buy? The answer is Customer Nurturing.

Does your Customer think about you?

Does your Customer think about you

You know that most of the prospects who show interest in your product or service are not ready to buy, right? They’re probably just researching products, getting to know what’s out there, planning for the future, or even gathering information for that upcoming presentation to their management.

So, how do you get these future buyers to think of your product or service when its their time to buy?

The answer is Customer Nurturing.

Customer nurturing is the process of building effective relationships with potential customers throughout the buying journey and beyond.

The goal of customer nurturing is to create an automated, ongoing communication with your potential buyer throughout their customer journey. It is different from lead nurturing in that it is not designed to stop when the prospect buys your product or service. It is also used to engage new customers with your company or to ensure that your existing customers continue to purchase from your company.

The main idea behind customer nurturing is building trust. You spend time establishing a relationship with your buyer and as a result, when you communicate with your buyer, you are welcomed instead of being regarded as intrusive.

Good engaging customer nurturing process have the following characteristics:

  • Trustworthy – Trust is what differentiates informational content from spam. Without trust, buyers will raise their barriers, put up their filters and tune you out.
  • Relevant – To be relevant, you have to send the right content to the right person at the right time. You will have to segment your audience and then send targeted messages relevant to each segment of the audience.
  • Multi-channel – Today’s buyers move quickly across channels and across devices – from email to social media to website to text and back to email again. Your job is to provide an integrated experience across channels.
  • Measurable – This is what helps you know the actual impact of your customer nurturing program on your organization’s ROI and lets you define success.

ConvergeHub provides you the tools to set up a long-term customer nurturing program that keeps your buyers engaged through every step of the customer journey.

If you would like to know more about how ConvergeHub can help you develop a long term relationship with your potential buyers and convert them into lifelong customers, talk to us.

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May 5, 2022