Alexa A common excuse that businesses give themselves when they don't want to implement new teach: Nobody wants it

excuse #2: Nobody Wants It

excuse #2: Nobody Wants It

Let’s talk about another one of those reasons (excuses?) that our team keeps hearing when businesses don’t want to make the commitment to implementing a modern CRM..

Nobody wants it.

I have discussed it with my team..
My co-founders
My business partner
Our sales agents
The management team
The IT department
My husband/wife/mom/ …[substitute family member here]..
My pet cat [well… haven’t heard this one yet, but we’re bracing for it 😊]

And what did they say?

We don’t need a CRM [or any new tech for that matter]..
We’re managing quite well now..
Why waste the money?..
That won’t solve our problems..
It won’t work for us…

… and the list goes on.


Even while having the highest regard for whoever gave you that advice, it may be time to ask yourself some tough questions…

Are the people you asked qualified to make that decision?
Do they understand what implementing a modern CRM would do to the organization?
Are they looking at the high level picture or do they have their noses too close to the daily grind to realize that maybe there’s a better way of doing things?
Are they afraid of change?
Do they have anything to gain by following the status quo?

So, before you take action based on someone else’s advice… dig deeper.
Insist on understanding the reason behind the advice.
Do some internal analysis.
Run the numbers.
Make sure everyone has the correct information.

Often information and education, along with a healthy dose of reality, is all it takes to get from a No to a YES!!

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April 27, 2022