Alexa What does entrepreneurship truly mean? I think we need to broaden our definition of entrepreneurship.

What does entrepreneurship truly mean?

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So in the last few days I was thinking, somewhat deeply, about the true meaning of entrepreneurship. I have founded two tech companies so far.. and if you know me you’ll know how passionately I believe in entrepreneurship. I really do believe that entrepreneurs are heroes.

And yet..

More and more it seems to me as if we have a very narrow definition of entrepreneurship..

More and more it seems to me as if entrepreneurship is less about a big life decision.. like starting your business or deciding to go solo or quitting your job.. and more about a quality, a mindset, a spark that can exist in anyone.. regardless of the life situation they are in at the moment..

I think we should not go by the textbook definition of entrepreneurship anymore.. in this day and age that word has evolved to take on a life of its own… and layers and layers of meaning has gotten added to the original definition of entrepreneurship..

What do you think? 😊

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May 12, 2022