Alexa Great customer service is not about creating a 'Wow Factor' for the customer all the time

The WOW Factor

The WOW Factor

Regardless of the work that we do or the business that we are in.. we are all in the business of serving our customer. Our customers.. we may call them clients or patients or members or users or students.. doesn’t really matter.. but the only reason our organization exists is to serve them best that we can and create a great customer experience for them.

Now this may contradict popular opinion.. but I don’t think great customer service is about creating a ‘Wow Factor for the customer all the time.

I think most of the time, our customers are just looking for the job to be done.. efficiently and unobtrusively.
Like, if you go to the supermarket to buy bread.. you are not looking for a welcome party.. all you are looking for is bread.. fresh and available.. so that you can pick it up, pay for it and go home. That’s it. And that’s a good customer experience.

Here are a few ways businesses can create great customer experience:

  • Prioritize customer service – It’s less about creating a ‘Wow experience, and more about making customer service easier, more accessible, more intuitive.. with well trained agents who have access to the information they need.
  • Management needs to walk the walk – CX needs to be prioritized at the highest level of management so that ownership of CX is pushed throughout the entire company.
  • Customer service is not a cost center – CX should be recognized as the revenue driver that it is, which has a positive impact on growth, customer retention, and cross-sell and upsell revenue.
  • Multi-channel conversations – Companies need to capture data from all interactions regardless of which channels they are from. This allows customers to continue conversations and pick up from where they left off previously.

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April 21, 2022