Alexa When it comes down to a choice between taking the easier route or doing things the right way, what do you usually choose?

The long-term impact of short-term thinking

This applies to all areas of life you know, but in this post let’s just talk about work.

Every time we start working on something big (and often not so big), we find a choice facing us..

Do we go the easier route.. which is also quicker, cheaper, with fewer changes (which usually means fewer feathers ruffled), no buy-in needed from the boss, no meetings..


Do we do it the right way?

And the right way often is the more complex route.

More expensive.
More resources.
Definitely not quicker.
More changes affecting more departments.
Maybe you have to enter the death-spiral of meetings and buy-ins..
Justifying the budget..
Defending the timeline..
Explaining the benefits..
Longer hours..
More stress.. more headaches..

But the result will be worth it.

Maybe we will solve the root-cause of whatever problem was facing us.
Maybe revenue will grow by a significant percentage.
Maybe we’ll forge ahead in a new market.
Maybe we’ll change the world..

We always have a choice.

If it was up to you, how would you choose?

Just hit reply.. I’d love to hear from you.

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May 19, 2022