Alexa Why building customer relationship matters in 2022?

why customer relationship matters

why customer relationships matter

If you’ve been involved with any type of organization for any period of time, you know how hard it is to build relationship with your customers.

Customers are busy running their companies and lives.

You are busy closing new sales.

You get customers the product or service they need.

And hope that your customers pay on time so that you close the sales and revenue grows.

That’s all there is to it.

Where is the time or need for building relationships, right?

Ummm… not really.

Not if you care about repeat business.

Not if you want to get referrals.

Stat after stat show that it costs 5 times more to get new customers than to keep old ones.

And customers are 77% more likely to go with a new product when they hear about it from family and friends.

So building that relationship with your customers is extremely important.

Building relationship does not necessarily mean that you have to know their next vacation destination, or their favorite place to eat, or where their kids go to school,..

But building relationship does mean answering questions and resolving issues quickly and efficiently.

Having open communication – processing orders quickly, sending frequent status updates, providing a way for them to track their own information – go a long way in building these business relationships.

And that is where Customer Lifecycle Management CRMs like ConvergeHub comes in.

ConvergeHub not only helps you close new sales, but also provides a way for the customers to contact you if they have a question, and gives you an easy way to get back to them quickly and efficiently, which is essential for building solid relationships with your customers.

If you would like to know more about how ConvergeHub can help you build better relationships with your customers, go ahead and reserve a confidential consultation with one of our experts.

Or, if you like to check it out yourself, create a free ConvergeHub account here.

January 12, 2022