Why Should You Consider Integrating CRM With ERP?

Posted by Patricia Jones

With a plethora of consumer data, being generated on a daily basis, business owners are presently experiencing more complex business environments than ever before. Since, if this customer centric data is not handled in a proper manner, it can become the biggest pain point for efficiency with decision-making, forecasting and ultimately- the purchase and sales processes. Happy customers are the most valuable and possessed assets to any business. But, how can you successfully deal with all these challenges, whilst building up profitable customer relationships? To combat this dilemmatic issue, businesses typically buy CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solutions separately or mostly integrate a CRM with an ERP. Read More

Why Startup Companies Need A CRM System?

Posted by Patricia Jones

Even before asking why businesses need CRM system, it is really important to understand exactly what a Customer Relationship Management system is. In short, CRM is the practice of managing and analyzing customer interactions and feedback, with the ultimate goal of executing better customer relationship leading to customer retention in the long run. Although CRM is a fairly new concept, this SaaS technology has so many inherent advantages, that most organizations of all sizes, from startups to big enterprises are quickly catching up with this platform. Now the question we need to ask is, does your start-up establishment needs a CRM? In this article, let us review a few points from this aspect. Read More

Why mobile CRM is Crucial for Your SMB

Posted by Patricia Jones

We all are aware how indispensable CRM strategies are in today’s business world. From reduced marketing expenditures to superior customer retention rates- the benefits of CRM are never-ending. With the speedy rise in telecommunication and mobile technology, mobile CRM is a perfect tool for those who are on-the-go, since mobile CRM provides essential access to sophisticated data and customized information on the field. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 24% of employees did their work from home in 2015, which shows a formidable rise of more than 20% since 2003. According to the same source, BLS predicts that more than 106 million Americans will telecommute within 2020. Read More

Customer Relationship and A Dozen Tried Tips to Better Know Your CRM

Posted by David Klein

Perception Gap a word coined by Brian Solis and his team at Pivot is the breach between what the customers need and what the company executives think that their customer wants. A pretty fascinating topic for discussion. Just as making an assumption about your customers can prove to be costly, similarly, on the other hand, understanding what your customers need can enable any business to leapfrog their competitions. If you are of the opinion that you understand your customers, can you answer these few questions to find out if your assumptions are true? Read More

9 Golden Ideas to Run Your ABM (Account Based Marketing) Process

Posted by Patricia Jones

This is how ITSMA defines Account Based Marketing: “Treating individual accounts as a market in their own right.” So, ABM is a structured approach which has been developed and implemented for launching highly customized marketing campaigns to markets of one, which can be accounts, partners or prospects. Account Based Marketing aims at making the sales and marketing take a closer look at key business issues faced by the targets, mapping them to individuals, and thereafter, tailoring campaigns to address those issues. Read More

6 Key Steps for Account Based Marketing- That Really Works

Posted by StefanD

ABM stands for Account Based Marketing. Although over the past year since 2016, there has been more than 21% increase in the number of business establishments that have a full account based marketing in place, still it is a fairly new concept for many people in the marketing world. According to a research, it has been found that while the numbers of companies who have adopted this marketing tactic have almost doubled their growth as to what it was last year, but still lagging alignment between marketing and sales have restricted use of this marketing strategy in many ways. This is exactly why we are here to help you to understand ABM and learn how you can use it optimally in your market place. Read More

How Small Business Can Manage Their CRM Database

Posted by RudyS

Customer related CRM database provides an insight on the customer behaviors not only to enterprise users of the system but also is a vital piece of information for users of CRM for small business. Rather to say, the database is the foundation on which the CRM software strategies work. As for all businesses, the customer-related information base is one of the most important characteristics that impart the customer-based tactics and strategies needed for optimal use of this system. Read More

Know What Does CRM Stand For with Reasons of Growth in Cloud CRM

Posted by StefanD

CRM as a technology has already established its position as an essential element, which is capable of helping organizations of all size and bridge the gap between sales, marketing, and customer support teams. Through the end of the first decade, and up to the present day, the availability and rise of Cloud and SaaS CRM continued to gain popularity, due to lower initial cost and easy integration with mobile devices. Cloud-based CRM allowed all the business data of a company to be stored, accessed, modified, and saved via the Internet. Read More

Does Investing In CRM Lead To Betterment In Permission-Based Marketing In 2017

Posted by RudyS

It has been recently observed that although ad growth in slowing down, investments in CRM are growing. This makes total sense as it points to further growth in permission-based marketing channels such as email marketing. In a report published by eMarketer after conducting several outside studies indicates that companies of all kinds, particularly SMBs are … Continue reading “Does Investing In CRM Lead To Betterment In Permission-Based Marketing In 2017” Read More

Best Small Business CRM ConvergeHub- The #1 CRM for SMB

Posted by Patricia Jones

Though CRM solutions plies on their bells and whistles for attracting customers, in reality, there are a few core functionalities that all best CRM features, which have the most impact on your business. Therefore, while you examine your possible options for adopting a CRM, focusing on these features can prevent you from getting distracted by functionalities, which in spite of appearing interesting or even promising, will not be able to do the CRM assisted heavy-lifting tasks that your business needs now Read More