What Is CRM Marketing and How It Can Boost Your Marketing Plans

Posted by David Klein

The answer to the question what is CRM marketing lies in the process by which marketing managers can track customer’s interests, record their behavior, watch the customer’s interaction to the campaigns to ensure campaigns and marketing messages are meeting their needs in the best possible ways. Read More

What to expect out of CRM Technology in 2017

Posted by StefanD

Even apart from CRM technology, research says that 29% of all SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) view technology as a driving tool that motors the growth of an organization and boosts profitability. Hence, here we are today to explore how we can leverage modern solutions, which are increasing in popularity (like CRM technology) in 2017, to achieve a competitive advantage and work towards sustainable growth. Read More

Top benefits of implementing CRM for Small Business owners

Posted by David Klein

Top benefits of implementing CRM for Small Business owners CRM or Customer Relationship Management systems are designed to streamline the processes in your business involving your existing and potential customers. However, if you are a small business owner, you might feel hesitant to use CRM technology, mostly because you may find yourself unfamiliar with this … Continue reading “Top benefits of implementing CRM for Small Business owners” Read More

Experience Sales Lead Management Using ConvergeHub

Posted by Patricia Jones

According to Sales lead management principles – Leads are the lifeline of any kind of businesses. Therefore, converting leads to customers is what it really takes to remain and thrive in business. Once you know how to manage your leads in a structured and systematic way, you can, not only increase the number of leads that you generate but also amplify on how many of those leads you can convert at the end. Here are some of the interesting steps suggested by sales lead management teams, which can be also followed by using ConvergeHub CRM for SMBs. Read More

How to Choose the Best Mobile CRM Solutions for Small Business

Posted by StefanD

In the recent times, it has been observed that mobile devices (like smartphone, tablets etc.) have become an ever increasingly important tool for small business owners looking for an advantage in this cutthroat competitive world. Here is a list of the advantages of using Mobile CRM solutions for small businesses. Read More

Watch Out For These 4 Deadly Signs- Which Can Make Your CRM Fail

Posted by RudyS

If your CRM software is on the brink of failure, instead of blaming on the system, have you thought what signs you would look for? How can you save it from a point of no return? Fortunate here is help so that you do not have to experience your CRM falling over the edge. Here are some early warning signs that indicate all is not well in your CRM-land, and some advices for addressing them. Read More

Are CRM and Marketing Automation Software 2 Different Things?

Posted by Patricia Jones

Do you remember someone, who told you that England and Great Britain were not actually the same? Well, your mistake is completely understandable. Actually, Great Britain is composed of England, Scotland, and Wales, and so England is just a part of Great Britain.People often have the same kind of reaction when they realize that Marketing Automation software and CRM are different as both these software serves two distinctly different purposes. Read More

What You Must Ask- For Finding an Easy CRM for SMB

Posted by David Klein

For finding an easy CRM for SMB, let us first break down the Customer Relationship Management software platform into individual components for a better understanding of this misused tool, which will most importantly help small business owners to make informed decisions when opting for their preferred CRM and bring growth in sales. Customer Definition: The … Continue reading “What You Must Ask- For Finding an Easy CRM for SMB” Read More

Why Your Business Needs CRM?

Posted by Patricia Jones

In the modern times, we operate within a global economy that buys, sells, and communicates in countless ways. Happy customers speak aloud to the world about whatever that is good about your products and services…and so do the unhappy ones. Did you ever think of why your business needs CRM when commoditization is happening with breathtaking speed? To know the answer read more Read More

Support Software Is On The Fritz- The Future Of Customer Support Is CRM

Posted by StefanD

You may be of the opinion that Support software is a boring and sleepy software category that does not call for innovations. In this article, we are going to explain why we demarcate this software is a wrecked category, which is failing to solve customer problems in this modern world. This is because CS software is going to be massively disrupted by CRM software designed for CS teams- which is an entirely new way for these teams to work in the present times. Read More