Alexa Why Sales Force Automation in CRM Is a Must For Small Businesses

Why Sales Force Automation in CRM Is a Must for Startups and Small Businesses

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Sales Force Automation

As the owner of small or medium business, you must have thought about how small business establishments can compete with large establishments.
It is simple.
Just buy CRM and let SFA (Sales Force Automation) integrated into the CRM software help you to let go of your worries since if you want to grow, you just cannot handle everything manually on your own.

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All experienced small and medium business owners are of the same opinion that you must automate your business as much as possible to be able to seize your business goals.

Now, here lies the first big challenge of identifying the right business growth technology and tool that you should use to automate and accelerate growth in your company and that too within the budget.

However, before we go into such details, we must understand the types of business automation categories, which fall within these 5 major types:

  1. Email marketing automation tools.
  2. Sales Force Automation tools
  3. Contact Relationship Management automation tools.
  4. Shopping cart tools
  5. All-in-One business automation solutions

The good news over here is that most of the businesses do not need all of them. In fact, mostly you will need only one or two of these tools, to put your tedious tasks in an autopilot mode.

Let us take a look at each of these types of CRM based business automation tools individually:

  1. What are Email Marketing tools?

Email marketing tools are business automation tools that marketers use to create, test, send, optimize, and report on their email campaigns.
Email marketing tools can also be a specific tool, which is related to email marketing. For example, an inbox placement-testing tool or an email subject line generator, or a complete suite of applications that help the marketers to do all their end-to-end email-marketing activities.

Autoresponders are also another type of email marketing tool that sends an automated email once any visitor on the website fills out a web form.

MailChimp is a very commonly used and most popular email marketing automation tool that has a free, no-obligation plan and can be also integrated as a CRM based automation tools.

  1. What are Sales Force Automation tools?

Sales Force Automation does everything that an email-marketing tool provides businesses the ability to set up dynamic rules when specific actions or behaviors are shown in your follow-up email marketing processes.
SFA tools, which are integrated into the best CRM for small business , also has the powerful ability to segment contacts dynamically, which helps companies to drill down their sales and marketing efforts towards the right segments of leads, prospects, and customers at all times.

SFA also aids in maintaining strong email deliverability, since with the help of this CRM based business automation tool contacts receive messages with appropriate contents that are relevant to them, which results in higher engagement rates and so the emails do not ends up in the customer’s mailbox as spam or junk.

  1. What is a Contact Relationship Management Tools?

Contact Relationship Management tool or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an application that is instrumental for storing, segregating, and analyzing customer data; manage workflows and sales process and much more.

Most modern-day CRM systems like Salesforce or any other Salesforce Alternative CRM platforms have flexible API interfaces so that users can integrate other software solutions like accounting ( QuickBooks CRM ), email marketing automation, and shopping cart solutions and more within the platform.

  1. What Are Shopping Cart Management Tools?

For businesses that need to set up a storefront on their website, accept payment for selling their products and services requires a shopping cart management tool to perform these actions with utmost encryption and security.

Other than receiving payments this tool also helps to track purchases, measure average customer lifetime value, the frequency of purchases and more.

However, if you are a small service-based enterprise, that only handles a limited number of transactions every month, you can lean on applications like Intuit, QuickBooks, and others which can also be integrated into business growth technology solutions seamlessly.

  1. What are All-in-One Solutions?

All-in-one solution allows the users to automate more than just one single feature when integrated with a CRM, but they also have higher costs associated with them.

These all-in-one solutions not only save money from having to purchases multiple business automation solutions but it also minimizes time drain that happens when you have to bounce from one system to another, which impedes growth and also many a time takes businesses away from opportunities.


So once your business starts experiencing growth pains and you want to generate revenue it is the ideal time that as an owner of the small business you must invest in the best small business CRM software that has an integrated Sales Force Automation capability and put the system in place to further increase your ROI.

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