Alexa Sync ConvergeHub With Apps Using PieSync For Business Growth

Sync ConvergeHub With200+ Apps Using PieSync For Business Growth

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PieSync Integrations

ConvergeHub is excited to announce our newest integration member to the family – PieSync .
An intelligent application that enables easy and seamless integration of ConvergeHub with more than two hundred business growth applications that help establishments to increase profit and be more productive using cutting-edge technology that aids in business growth.

PieSync can boost your profits by up to 15% by keeping your data up to date and duplicate free- PieSync Click To Tweet

ConvergeHub is a CRM for small and medium-sized businesses and startups that help manage your Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Billing into one simple to use platform.

ConvergeHub software is founded on five core principles:

  • One simple interface to manage all your marketing, sales, service and billing in one platform
  • Powerful Automation to boost productivity and business growth.
  • Scalable features that grows with your way of doing business
  • Affordable and transparent pricing providing highest price-performance value
  • Swift implementation and ease of use

What is PieSync?

PieSync is a customer data synchronization platform that connects more than 200 applications. This top-reviewed solution works two-way and in real-time to ensure up-to-date data across your software stack. Unlike one-way pushes, PieSync makes sure that if a change is made in either one of the connected apps, that update is automatically synced to the other one.

Thanks to an intuitive dashboard, you can create complex workflows between business apps in just a few clicks. You can choose which contacts, leads or companies to keep in sync according to labels, tags, group and other attributes. When you configure sync, PieSync keeps in mind your historical data and assists you if merging duplicates is necessary. The best part? No installation is required.

Among the applications available for two-way sync, you’ll find best-of-breed CRMs, marketing automation apps, VoIPs, accounting, and billing software, lead generation tools, emailing apps and contact repositories like Google Contacts or iCloud. Because it works in the background and in real-time, you can access your enriched and up-to-date data across apps and from any device.

How ConvergeHub-PieSync integration can help you to sell more:

  1. Avoid manual data entry

This robust integration will eliminate the requirement for manual contact data entry across all platforms.

For example, once you enter any new data in ConvergeHub it will automatically get added to the platforms of your choice using PieSync and vice-versa

The best thing about ConvergeHub-PieSync integration is that once you use this application there will be no need to export/import data, since the two-way sync will automatically share your data in real-time, reducing the possibility of making accidental errors.

  1. Share customer data across multiple departments

Still today there are several businesses that use multiple silo solutions across different departments in their organization.

Therefore, for these companies, once they buy CRM they find insufficient customer data which even gets lost while migrating through multiple solutions or while sending data to other applications from the CRM database.

Using PieSync integration with ConvergeHub, all departments in your business will be able to share and work with up-to-date customer data for maximizing efficiency at work.

  1. Time savings on contact management

Maximizing productivity and efficiency is one of the top priorities in any business. However, when business establishments use multiple tools for their day-to-day works, navigating across different platforms for entering data takes up a big chunk of time.

PieSync integration with ConvergeHub will benefit you and your teams from a time-saving perspective as according to PieSync users of this app saves nearly 25 work hours per month on data management by using this tool.

PieSync is capable of syncing your sales, marketing, and customer care platforms so that your teams can easily have a 360-degcomplete overview of all your customers at all times.

Business growth technologies are no longer just for large business enterprises anymore. What was once a technology that was cost-prohibitive has become affordable nowadays for any business, no matter the size.

Here are some of the key statistics that will convince you of the need for integrating PieSync with ConvergeHub:

  • 28% of Millennial(s) think CRM applications are “extremely critical” to their success, compared to 18% of Generation X and 9% of Baby Boomers – LinkedIn State of Sales (2018)
  • 64% of businesses are using cloud apps, with an average of 13 apps per business – PieSync
  • PieSync can boost your profits by up to 15% by keeping your data up to date and duplicate free – PieSync
  • Using PieSync businesses save on an average of 25 hours every month on database maintenance – PieSync


As easy to use CRM is the place where you centralize and store the most valuable asset of your business- customer data, and all the tools through which you interact with your customers, prospects and leads must be connected to your cloud based CRM in such a way that nothing falls through the crack, use PieSync that offers a complete sync solution to keep your CRM and the rest of your software stack connected two-way and in real-time.
Hence with PieSync,it can enrich your ConvergeHub experience and even empower other best-of-the-breed business applications used by your company, reducing the time to go from lead to cash for enjoying rapid revenue growth.

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