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why customer relationship matters

If you've been involved with any type of organization for any period of time, you know how hard it is to build relationship with your ... Read More

January 12, 2022

The magic and mathematics of a brand new year

There is something magical about a brand New Year.. don't you think? We complete one trip around the sun and begin another trip. It's ... Read More

January 5, 2022

5 reasons why next year will be just like this year

Is your inbox flooded with offers to self-improvement and success planning classes? It's funny how every business leader's inbox overflows ... Read More

December 22, 2021

what can you control?

The last two years reminded us that there are MANY things that can affect us that are totally out of our control. If you didn't reach your ... Read More

December 15, 2021

are you changing?

The world is changing at an incredible pace.. we have been hearing about technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, ... Read More

December 8, 2021

Season of Bests and Worsts

Going into December, I always feel like we have officially entered the season of Bests and Worsts.. you know... it's that time of the year ... Read More

December 1, 2021

Spiderman’s Rule

Uncle Ben (Spiderman's uncle.. duh 😊) once said that 'With great power comes great responsibility'.. and our friendly neighborhood ... Read More

November 18, 2021

Matter of Perspective

In our effort to pursue 'more' for our companies… more sales, more products, more revenue.. we often tend to neglect to look at the one ... Read More

November 11, 2021

58 days..

The countdown has begun.. We're in November already and the countdown to the end of the year is picking up speed.. This is the time when ... Read More

November 4, 2021

Scary Times?

I think Halloween has lost its scaring power. The scary costumes dripping blood and the shrieking haunted houses seem almost cute compared ... Read More

October 28, 2021

Which of these bottlenecks is holding you back?

One of the main challenges that entrepreneurs or business leaders face is growth bottlenecks.. your business seems to plateau at a certain ... Read More

October 21, 2021