Alexa In 3 Months Double Your business Productivity with CRM

Double Your business Productivity In 3 Months with CRM

Productivity | by Patricia Jones
Double your Productivity in Less than 3 Months by ConvergeHub CRM

Double Your business Productivity In 3 Months with CRM and gain more leads. As business productivity is on the decline which leaves many entrepreneurs worrying about the growth of their businesses.

In experts’ opinion, entrepreneurs need to look for CRM software tools that streamline the process and make them and their team more productive. Although there are several software choices available, converged CRMs top the list of best online productivity tools.

This blog walks you through 5 effective ways that showcase the benefits of using converged CRM to increase your business productivity.

“If only there were more hours in a day…”

Is this something you tell yourself daily? If so, you’re not alone!

For 69% of business entrepreneurs, ‘more time’ is something they keep wishing all too often. (Aberdeen)

Despite the earnest desire to check off all tasks on the to-do list, failure is achieved at the end, most of the days, which brings us to the MILLION DOLLAR question:

How can Business Productivity be increased ?

ConvergeHub Business Productivity Kit

The path to achieving productivity might sound difficult but in all actuality, it’s not. A Converged CRM can help you achieve this.

To better understand the benefits of a converged CRM and how this can transform your business into a productive machine, let’s take a closer look below.

1. 360-Degree Customer View

Do you have your customer information stored in multiple offline and online applications?

If so, do these applications propel you forward as an asset or push you back as a liability?

On an average, you and your team spend (or rather waste) three to four hours on extracting, referencing and analyzing customer data. These labor-intensive tasks hinder the company’s ability to grow.

New-aged converged CRMs streamline customer data from all touchpoints within the centralized repository.

You’re able to see all customer information in one place. From your marketing targets and sales leads to existing customers and business contacts — all information is contained in the CRM.

Using a converged CRM, you bid adieu to the routine of spending hours trying to tie customer information from multiple databases into your CRM. You have real-time visibility and can easily get a comprehensive view of your customers in a timely fashion. Consequently, this increases productivity of your marketing, sales and customer service departments. Critical decisions are made quickly, based on accurate 360-degree customer information.

2. Email Communication

In an eight-hour work day, 2.64 hours is spent on emailing. (Management Issues)

There are two reasons behind this — multiple applications are used to fetch data and emails are constantly being checked.

Both of these activities consume one-third of a day’s work.

How do you stop emails from reducing your productivity?

A converged CRM enables you to send and receive emails from leads, contacts, accounts and partners within its interface. Instead of repeatedly going to your email service to communicate, you can integrate email clients of your choice with the CRM and make it a one-stop hub for all your business communication.

Sending and receiving emails directly within your CRM is a fantastic way to save time and effort and shoot up your productivity. While working in the CRM, you can check if your prospects and customers have responded to your messages. Furthermore, you can combine email with context and analytics present within the CRM. The analytics will help you write more powerful emails that foster better responses from your contacts and prospects.

You can track the sent emails and get insightful reports on whether your emails have been delivered, opened, and read. This ensures that there is no room for guess work when you’re sending hundreds of emails to leads, prospects, and contacts every day.

ConvergeHub CRM perfectly illustrates this point. It allows you to manage all incoming and outgoing emails within its repository.

You can also view email history, track the status of the emails, reply all, and forward emails within the CRM.

3. Meetings

Money and time spent on the road and in face-to-face meetings cost UK companies a staggering £15,979 per head, every year. (

Multiple surveys have been conducted which point out how physical meetings adversely affect the overall productivity and increase expenses in a business. Most businesses hold virtual meetings that avoid unnecessary travel.

Scott Cairns, Chief Technology Officer at T-Systems states,

“We are now conducting business in a digital age, where rapid innovations in communication capabilities make the world a smaller place day by day. Despite these innovations, our first thought is often still to arrange a physical meeting, even though technology could circumvent this necessity, and lead to a more productive and better facilitated meeting experience. Virtualization of the meeting experience is very much a cultural change, just as it is a technical change.”

Converged CRM solutions offer the functionality of doing quick web conferencing anytime anywhere! From screen sharing to HD video conferencing and audio conferencing, you can conduct online meetings with your clients, colleagues or business associates even if they’re across the globe.

How does this create value for your business?

Increased productivity with ample time savings! Whether you’re at your desk or vacationing to a remote island, you can quickly conduct any type of business-grade web conferencing session with leads and customers or even your own team. All you need is an internet-enabled device to access the CRM and hold the meeting.

4. Call

When customers are looking for a quick resolution, phone is the preferred method of communication followed by email. (Kana)

The good news is that most businesses offer phone support for their customers. The bad news is that it’s the most time-consuming form of communication for businesses.

Businesses fail to provide immediate solutions to customers over the phone. Customer-facing agents hop back and forth across multiple business applications but still fail to get a comprehensive data view of the customer’s situation. Businesses can’t judge the context of the current interaction and provide a speedy resolution, in most cases.

As a result, customers are forced to repeat their story, over and over again, to different customer service representatives. Here’s the statistic:

69% of customers say they have to repeat themselves multiple times before reaching a resolution. Indeed, reaching a resolution takes an average of 3 tries. Almost 2 in 10 customers call their experience a “customer service death spiral,” requiring at least an hour of repeated explanations. (Kana)

Prolonged customer conversations over the phone turn out to be dually-destructive. They impact the overall business productivity where a single call ends up totaling two to three calls. Plus, customer service falls apart as well.

How this can be resolved?

During calls, support reps need to be equipped with the right customer information that enable them to provide immediate solutions, close the case quickly and switch over to next customer in minutes.

Converged CRM software solutions such as ConvergeHub provide in-browser calling capabilities to its users (Click to learn more). This seamless alignment of phone functionality with CRM shuns the tedious task of switching between your customer data platform and telecom system while calling a contact.

You can directly make calls from the CRM interface and refer to contextual information and interaction history for better response and engagement. You and your team are in a stronger position to understand your customer’s problems. This helps you resolve issues quickly, make more calls, connect with more customers, and increase the overall productivity.

5. Calendar

Do you have sticky note syndrome? Have you forgotten to complete a task or attend a meeting because you didn’t have the right tools to keep track of them?

You’re not alone!

Whether they’re events such as meetings, seminars or appointment; or tasks like emails to customers or reports, missing out on them put a damper productivity.

Converged CRMs let you put an end to task and event mismanagement.

They allow you to:

  • Create activities (associated with leads, accounts, contacts, products, invoices, quotations, deals, etc. ) for weeks, months and even for a year
  • Check tasks and events based on their due dates
  • Schedule, reschedule, organize, add and edit your tasks and events
  • Switch between day view, month view and yearly view of the calendar as desired
  • Share your calendar with the team

And most importantly…See your upcoming tasks and events.

Manage your daily activities in a converged CRM and be ahead of time. Even when the day is hectic, you can plan and prioritize your appointments and tasks which lead to increased productivity.

Next Step…

ConvergeHub Business Productivity Kit


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