Alexa Save Time to Work Smarter with ConvergeHub Add-ons

Save Time and Work Smart with ConvergeHub Add-ons

CRM | by Patricia Jones
Work smart with ConvergeHub add ons

Save Time and Work Smart with ConvergeHub Add-ons Which will amaze how good is this CRM. With years of research and development we have built a CRM that not only collects, connects and delivers it does lot more with its intelligent assortment of things in a beautifully crafted design and architect.

Many cooks spoil the broth!!!

Have you heard of this idiom? In all probability, yes.

So what does it mean? That when too many people work together on a project, the result gets messed up.

But isn’t this what you are doing to your business as well?

With separate accounting, document management, email, telephony and online meeting systems working for your business – the results are not up to the mark.

Although these applications are individually good, they are not able to provide a benefit to your business, because they are not working together. So instead of helping you to become more productive, they are causing you harm. You are wasting hours and money in maintaining these apps and toggling between them to find information.

Worried? How to make all your business applications work in harmony?

There is a solution called ConvergeHub!

The much renowned online CRM software ConvergeHub offers integration with a lot of applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Google Contact, Google Calendar, Google Mail, Twilio, DocuSign and GoToMeeting. In fact ConvergeHub is the only solution that offers CRM QuickBooks (Online and Desktop) integration.

Using ConvergeHub, you can easily add these applications into your CRM account and pull everything together into one cohesive view.

To give you a more detailed understanding, here is:

How you can benefit from ConvergeHub in three crucial areas?

1. Accounting

ConvergeHub exclusively offers QuickBooks CRM integration. Whether you use QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online, you can integrate them into your ConvergeHub account.

How do you benefit?

Due to the CRM QuickBooks integration, you get a consolidated view of your Customers, Contacts, Products and Invoices. That means instead of hopping between CRM and QuickBooks to join the dots – you can access the combined information of QuickBooks and CRM in one spot and relate them together.

Not just this, ConvergeHub offers a two-way synchronization with QuickBooks, that means any data updated or created in the CRM gets automatically populated in QuickBooks and vice versa. In short, an end to time-consuming dual financial entries!!!

2. Documents

Right from marketing brochures, sales proposals to service contracts – ConvergeHub allows you to store all this in its own LIBRARY section.

How do you benefit?

Unlike other CRMs that provide document management through other apps – we have our own LIBRARY section to take care of all your organization-wide collaterals.

So with ConvergeHub, you really do not need to manage your documents through an external document management app.

Whether it is uploading/downloading documents, folder/file creation or doing file sharing & collaboration – you can do it in a few minutes within ConvergeHub. And just to make things even more easy for you, ConvergeHub has integrated with E-signature App DocuSign.

So in a few clicks, you can create documents and send them for e-signature through ConvergeHub itself.

3. Email

We understand that much of your conversations happen through email. So we have brought Microsoft Outlook and Gmail together for you within ConvergeHub.

How do you benefit?

Now you do not have to keep Outlook and Gmail always open to keep tab on your business mails. Right from inside ConvergeHub, you get it all.

Imagine – no hunting through Outlook and Google mails to get updated on your customer conversations. You will also not be required to manually update the mail transactions into your CRM. Thanks to the powerful synchronization, all the mails in the inbox and sent items will get automatically pulled and synchronized into your CRM account. This will keep you organized and help you in seamlessly communicating with your customers, partners and employees.

So what you have to say now?

Let’s admit – whether you are the owner of a small and medium-sized business or just started with your venture – you need to do double the work in half the time. And that is exactly what ConvergeHub will help you achieve.

It is your Magic Wand that will provide you everything crucial in one spot – so that you do not have to keep fluttering from one system to the other.

Hence, without further ado, give ConvergeHub a test spin and see your hours getting saved and productivity increased!!!

PS: ConvergeHub has integrated with a bunch of other popular business apps such as RingCentral, Box, Fonality, MailChimp, Zapier, PandaDoc, Office 365 and so on. Check out RingCentral blog here. Blogs on other app integrations in the pipeline. Stay tuned.

In the meanwhile do not forget to write your comments on what other features would you want to see in ConvergeHub?

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