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The bundle pricing is $160/user/month
6,000 monthly minutes included. For predictive and broadcasting, a per minute usage rate of 1.25 cents will apply.
ConvergeHub & NexInteractive have everything
you love about Five9 plus much more. Cut cost in half triple your contacts!

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ConvergeHub is the #1 easiest converged CRM for SMBs. It can manage ALL of your sales, marketing, support, and billing needs, with a converged, full-featured, yet extremely easy-to-use CRM that is priced within reach.

NexInteractive offers the HIGHEST dial ratios in the world

NexInteractive specializes in ALL cloud contact center solutions from 10 seats to 1000 + seat centers. Save $$$ with the dialing algorithm engines along with the inbound dynamic IVR interaction scripts.

Productivity Loss Is Increasing By The Second...

With ConvergeHub & NexInteractive You'll 3x Your Contacts And Qualified Leads, Close More Deals And Never Drop Inbound Calls AGAIN.

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Top REASONS To Consider ConvergeHub & NexInteractive

Top 5 Reasons To Consider ConvergeHub
  • 1 Full Featured ConvergeHub has all features of the most popular CRMs - plus more.
  • 2 Converged Features are built-in, work together flawlessly, and you have a uniform look and behavior.
  • 3 Built-in Business Automation Designed to automate your typical day-to-day tasks and business automation processes.
  • 4 Easiest To Use Simple and intuitive.
  • 5 Price Performance Leader Provides the most built-in value for the price.
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The Bundle Offer Includes

Manual Dialing. All Call Center Features Built-In. 3:1 Dialing Ratios


Manage Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Deals


Successful Customer Complaint Handling


Increase Marketing ROI with Personalized Campaigns


Reduced Repetitive Manual Processes

Custom Fields

Capture of
Organization-Specific Data


Create invoices for products and services


Get The Features Five9 Doesn't Have

Call Queue Extractor

View calls in queue and answer priority clients with just one click.

Cell Phone Scrubber

Instantly detects and eliminates calls to cell phone numbers

Text-to-Speech (TTS)

Advanced speech synthesis systems extracting information from the back-end and converting it to relevant messages

ACD Last Call

Connects customers to the last agent they talked to, fostering trust and quality support

Shotgun ACD:
Multi-call handling

The agent can queue it up on the desktop and toggle between calls or put one of them on hold


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

When looking for a CRM we wanted to be able to find one that was A) customizable without the high costs of Salesforce and B) user friendly. Converge hub nailed both our needs. A user friendly, extremely customizable CRM that was tailored for our needs. That with excellent customer service, we have a system that will be with us for the long run.

Karl DonovonManaging Member of Empower Group

ConvergeHub allows you to keep your business organized, maintain customer data efficiently, and automate the entire process from beginning to end.

Rob AbramovCEO & Founder of Flowrich Capital

The CRM is highly sophisticated and able to handle all our custom workflows very easily without the need for expensive customization.

Salvatore CarabbaFounder of Salamander Designs

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