Blog (2017)

7 Undemanding Ways to Earn Trust and Confidence of Your C-Suit Prospects

Posted by Dan

Unless you are selling Boy Scout popcorns to your friends and families, remember your prospects are not making their purchasing decisions based on how they know you. C-Suit prospects are far more concerned with buying their company’s products and services from someone they respect and trust. Hence, if you want to be a trusted advisor and close more sales with high-level prospects, stop trying to be everyone’s friend. Rather, be intentional about earning the trust of your C-Suit prospects. Read More

5 Steps to Create an Invincible Customer Success Team

Posted by Patricia Jones

You create a marketing team to find new leads. You hire a sales team to make new customers. And finally, you develop a customer success team to retain those customers whom your marketing and sales team has acquired and keep them happy. When it comes to cracking customer retention problems, there are so many places to get the ball rolling that it is nearly impossible to understand what you should tackle first. Here are 5 actionable steps that your customer success team can carry out to increase customer retention and see success in half the amount of time that you may need otherwise Read More

How To Find The Ideal Prospects In Your Sales Pipeline

Posted by RudyS

Although a healthy sales pipeline helps your team to meet its targets, but are you getting an insane number of customers into your sales pipeline due to the success of your team. Indeed, sales team requires healthy pipeline for its growth, but then again chasing anything that moves will surely cram your pipeline and make it fall sick. It has been often observed that having a large number of prospects those who do not fit your ideal customer profile prevents your team from reaching its optimal performance. Here are some of the most important facts about customers to help you find a healthier and more manageable pipeline. Read More

How Right Sales Reporting Helps You To Close More Deals

Posted by Dan

Performed rightly, sales reports can help managers quickly spot issues, analyze performances, and take necessary action to aid businesses to sell and grow faster. Moreover, good sales reports are also capable of providing income related business forecasting, budgeting plans and resourcing oriented business decisions for predictive sales. Hence, in nutshell, the bottom-line is, sales reports are priceless for any organization. Here are 3 types of sales reports that all businesses must have for understanding their growth. Read More

4 Most Essential Do and Don’t of Email Marketing

Posted by Patricia Jones

According to market research data, nearly more than half of the global population nowadays uses emails, which suggests that it is possible for you to market your products and services to a potentially huge audience using email-marketing strategies. Therefore, if you want to make your email marketing campaigns a hit and more effective, then you must keep these following 4 tips in mind before you push the “Send” button. Read More

CRM Productivity Hacks For Saving Time And Money Using ConvergeHub

Posted by Patricia Jones

Talking about CRM Productivity Hacks, in all businesses be it large or small, owners are often challenged to maintain the difficult balance between trying to get the maximum out of their workforce while keeping their employees happy. Hence, to make your employees work smarter and not harder, instead of micromanaging, let us try to find other ways to streamline your office process that can make your employees’ job easier. Read More

How To Create Click-Bait Newsletters That Make Your Readers Want More

Posted by David Klein

Many of us think that we know how to create click-bait newsletter, as we assume it very simple. However, think again about the number of bland newsletters that we see in our email’s inbox every day. Following these best practices while sending email newsletters will guarantee that your subscribers will actually open and read the newsletters the moment it reaches their mailbox. Read More

See Who Opens Your Email With ConvergeHub (The #1 CRM for Small and Medium Businesses)

Posted by Patricia Jones

We all know being in sales is not always an easy job. Nevertheless, users of ConvergeHub are equipped with the right tools, which help you to start your day guiding you through your most pressing tasks. Taking a step further, how would you feel if you can also see who has opened your emails? ConvergeHub email tracking and delivery status update keep you informed on all emails sent from ConvergeHub, CRM for Small Businesses. Read More

Tips to follow for achieving 100% CRM adoption and engagement

Posted by Patricia Jones

We are all aware that CRM is good for business. In fact, the truth is, while CRM increases sales by 29% (SalesForce), according to Nucleus Research the average ROI of any CRM is $8.71, for every dollar spent on this platform. However, having said that, one fact we cannot choose to ignore, is that not all CRM implementations are successful. The main reason behind lagging implementation of CRM is poor user adoption rate. Employee resistance, insufficiency in funds and time, lack of preparation and planning are certainly other reasons that escalate the poor adoption rate of CRM. Read More

Small Business Marketing for Black Friday 2017

Posted by Patricia Jones

Timing is everything. Understand the logic of where and when to find your customers heavily weighs on your skills as you develop your holiday marketing strategy, which is especially true if you are working with a limited budget. Here is an illustration how you can manage your holiday promotions and strategize your Black Friday plans in a few different ways. Read More