Know How You Can Protect Your Online Reputation from Cyber-threats

Posted by Glory Eke

Online reputation is everything in web-based businesses. Hence, keeping it secured from cyber threats is utmost important for the safety of your enterprise. Primarily controlling your reputation online deals with what information that is available to your customers on the Web. You can secure your online reputation and protect your customer’s sensitive data from data theft by several means. Some of the ways by which you can prevent this from happening are as follows. Read More

10 Tips to Make Use of Influencer Outreach to Perk up Brand Visibility

Posted by Glory Eke

Influencer outreach is definitely considered as a dominant asset when it comes to improving your brand’s visibility. Using content marketing strategy to scale up brand visibility is nothing new since you must have already used blogs and social media platforms to improve your brand’s outreach in the market. In a data compiled by B2C (Business 2 Community) research, it has been found that more than 93 percent of marketers use content marketing strategy for their business growth. Read More

Tips to Persuade Your Fence Sitting Prospects to Get Off the Fence

Posted by Glory Eke

There are also customers, who you may have come across often; people who ask many questions and do get engaged with your product, but then at the end fails to buy. Such ‘on the fence customers’ are most of the times quite difficult to convert, especially if you are running a business with a low return on your investments. Nevertheless, if you are still persistent, there are certain ways you can reduce the level of friction in engagement with these prospects and can convert them to customers by following a few strategies. Read More

ConvergeHub for use with Zapier- Available Now

Posted by Glory Eke

We know, you and your team use a wide spectrum of applications and tools in combination with ConvergeHub CRM to order, address and anticipate your customer’s needs. Now, Zapier makes this endeavor effortless, by connecting more than 750+ applications to ConvergeHub. As the landscape of business apps grows, depend on Zapier to be the tool that keeps it all together. Zapier handles the big tasks of making your apps communicate with each other to create workflow automation a cool functionality, like Multi-Step Zaps and Searching. Use your zaps now, to automatically handle the hard work of pushing your forms, documents, files, contacts, and tickets. Read More

How CRM softaware for retail is unbeatable for retailers

Posted by Glory Eke

As this year unfolds, using CRM software for your retail business should find the top priority in your business strategies that you must adopt in 2017. This is because according to eMarketer there is a big possibility that retail sales are expected to outgrow the $27 trillion benchmark by 2020. So, to stay ahead of the competition, whether you have a kiosk in a shopping mall, setting up your retail distribution network or own a brick-and-mortar store, CRM software is the need of the hour for the growth of your retail businesses. Read More

Outbound Communication with CRM takes your business ahead

Posted by Glory Eke

In the modern times, contact center systems have more to offer than before in terms of customer support. While multimodal approach is taken for granted in today’s world, but unfortunately, it was never the right custom to be followed in a contact centre, where agents are always challenged to meet customer’s communication expectations and needs. Read More

Killer Tactics to Launch Your Own Referral Marketing Campaign

Posted by Glory Eke

The newest trend on the marketing scene is referral marketing. Referral marketing is a strategic development in the marketing genre, which promises the growth of loyal customers, explosive visibility of your products and services, leading to fast paced astounding profits. Simply put, referral marketing which is also commonly known as word-of-mouth marketing, is nothing but the concept of people purchasing products based on someone else’s influence or opinions. Read More

Learn Lead Generation In 30 Days With 5 Pro Tips

Posted by Glory Eke

Let us forget about our product or service that we want to sell for a second. You can always pack it with a colorful little bow, and offer it at the best competitive pricing in the market- But most of times, none of this matters. Since, even with the best products and services, your offer will go unnoticed and your business is doomed to fail- if no one knows about it. The idea behind internet marketing is simple- Those with the most Leads wins. So, if you have the capacity of generating more leads, but have an average product- following these tips you still win. Read More

Predictive dialer crm with Cherry Picker Feature from best CRM

Posted by RudyS

Predictive dialers are great tools, the next step in the evolution of contact/call center tools. But not all predictive dialers are created equal just like not all of your contacts have the same priority for your company. Read More

Close More Deals By Hyper-personalizing Your Sales Outreach

Posted by Dan

I’m sure you’ve heard of sales automation or of integrated applications of customizable sales tools that can be used to streamline the sales cycle. But it’s not as easy as it sounds, success in sales automation requires strategy. You must differentiate yourself from the thousands of other sales automators. Read More