Blog (2016)

Benefits Of Using Predictive Dialer With ConvergeHub CRM

Posted by RudyS

Recently one of our clients mentioned in a conference call a phrase we hear over and over in different ways: “I don’t know how we did it before we integrated. By “integrated” he meant using a predictive dialer with their converged CRM. Read More

ConvergeHub CRM introduces Email functionalities for its users

Posted by Patricia Jones

After the successful integration of Lead Clipper and Round Robin assignment rule, ConvergeHub is back with the announcement of two new features. This time the focus is on improving the emailing experience. So ConvergeHub has gone ahead and added Email History View Status and Reply All & Forward functionalities within its converged CRM platform. Check what these are and how will they benefit small businesses while emailing from ConvergeHub. Read More

Sync QuickBooks with ConvergeHub

Posted by Patricia Jones

CRM is the most common tool used by businesses for capturing and managing customer data. However for added benefit many entrepreneurs take the pain to pair their accounting software QuickBooks with CRM solution. ConvergeHub is a select software that offers seamless integration of QuickBooks within its CRM platform. ConvergeHub users can easily sync their QuickBooks data with the CRM to gain insight about past trends, create a more accurate forecast for the future, reduce search time and increase productivity. Read More

What are Five most critical questions in CRM

Posted by Patricia Jones

ConvergeHub is a select CRM software that has grown massively in the last two year span. It has established a customer base, spanning different regions of the world. In an attempt to make things easy for its potential customers, ConvergeHub has answered the five most critical questions about itself. Read through the blog to find out what these five questions are and what answers have ConvergeHub provided to each of them. Read More

ConvergeHub and GoToMeeting synchronization boost for SMB

Posted by Patricia Jones

ConvergeHub has extended its functionality by integrating the popular GoToMeeting app within its cloud CRM platform. It is an exceptional benefit for the small and medium businesses who often lose out on sales due to the absence of a proper collaboration tool. Using the combined force of ConvergeHub and GoToMeeting, SMBs can collaborate with crucial sales opportunities via the Internet in real time. It gives them the empowerment of working better together, getting more people involved and closing the deals faster. Read More

Sales and marketing integration in CRM from ConvergeHub

Posted by Patricia Jones

Marketers are in constant search to find the most foolproof marketing method that will always score a home run with customers. Email marketing and social media marketing both have emerged as essential weapons in one’s marketing portfolio. But often they are treated as standalone systems without really realizing their common objective. There are also some ideas that email marketing is dead and can’t fetch as much results as it used to do before the social era. But the reality can’t be further from the truth. When email marketing and social media marketing just work fine as standalone systems together they create a synergy that can be unbeatable in the hands of marketing managers. Read More

What every business should know about Social Media

Posted by Patricia Jones

IBM CEO Study: Building a good rapport with the customers is the top priority of every CEO. And what are they doing to achieve this? The report states: Businesses today, are zealously framing social media strategies to accomplish the goal of healthy customer relationship. Read More

How CRM connecting employees, customers and partners

Posted by Patricia Jones

Running a business in today’s cut throat environment is an uphill task. With corporate rules changing dynamically, business entrepreneurs are constantly on a treadmill, sweating it out to create the best strategies and deliver the same. While some have topped the success charts, others are still lying underground, grappling to make their mark. Running a business in today’s cut throat environment is an uphill task. With corporate rules changing dynamically, business entrepreneurs are constantly on a treadmill, sweating it out to create the best strategies and deliver the same. Result – There is a difference between the successful businesses and not the so successful ones. And the difference continues to widen? We tell you why Read More

What is Omni-Channel Customer Service Experience In CRM

Posted by Patricia Jones

The concept of omnichannel customer experience has apparently originated from marketing. After all, it was none other than the marketing professionals who started tailoring advertising content to different communications media, namely, print, TV, email and now mobile devices. Soon enough, what we experienced was the permanently altered consumer behavior. From learning about a product, evaluating and buying it, sharing opinions about products and service providers (with an ever-widening circle of online friends) to accessing customer support – everything spanned different communications media. Read More

Small businesses needs a CRM like ConvergeHub

Posted by Patricia Jones

CRM is an essential solution for every small business and startup. However, while there are more than 200 CRM solutions in the market, not many of them are built to cater to the needs of a small business. That is why, we have designed ConvergeHub that exactly meets the needs of every growing small business. It offers all the crucial features in a simple and intuitive way to help the business owners get started with it in no time. Read More