First 6 steps to choose the right CRM for your business

Investing in the right CRM solution will help maximize your profits, cut your operating costs, and boost IT efficiencies, but with many options available, what selection criteria should you use to make the right decision for your company? Knowing that not all CRM solutions are equal, it becomes a matter of serious thought to choose the right one.  Read More

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What is the reason behind high CRM implementation failure?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is often misconceived as an extension of the sales team’s address book. The few progressive enterprises (make an exception) by using CRM software to manage customer service calls as well. However, most organizations (surprisingly both big and small) assume that the CRM alone will miraculously ‘fix’ their business. But then is this perception right? And most importantly is CRM only a software application? In the words of Mark Sauter, president and CEO, GTP Associates Inc – ‘’ CRM is more than just software – it’s an ethos. It's a behavior called CRM, not a technology"  Read More

CRM Implementation Failure



Give a great start to your New Year by putting your company on the front foot this Christmas

Celebrating Christmas is a yearly statement of religious beliefs. For many it is the ideal time to exchange presents, and indulge in the more secular aspects of the season. Whatever is the reason for the celebration, Christmas is a time for concerned turkeys, popping shirt buttons and not to forget people spending money. According to an analysis, we are now spending money more than ever on Christmas. This is precisely why that Christmas today stands as the golden period for enterprises to capitalize upon. But then extracting optimum profits out of Christmas is that easy? With so many ways for people to shop and spend money and so many businesses trying to take people’s money, the million dollar question is – How can you ensure that your business gets the best chance to cash in on this festive holiday spending spree?  Read More

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Why should you know about right CRM implementation?

WE need to implement a CRM to get things right. We know that. But how do we implement the CRM? Is there any tutorial on it? The above-mentioned statement was stated by an SMB owner in a cloud computing conference. Needless to say, it caught the attention of many bloggers who are regular at writing about cloud CRM, CRM customization and other aspects of enterprise customer relationship management. After reading the statement, I realized that while more than enough has been spoken about importance/benefits/advantages of CRM, ‘how to implement CRM’ has remain untouched  Read More

CRM Implementation



Analyzing the letters: C-R-M

Customer Relationship Management has captivated the corporate world entirely. From the just-started ventures to the large corporations, every organization has just one thing on mind – how to utilize the CRM in the best way to hone customer relations. But what makes it interesting is that while CRM has become so popular, not many of us actually know about its history. By history, I do not mean when the first CRM application was designed etc. Rather, what I imply is the multiple changes that CRM has undergone in the past several decades. The CRM technology that supports the interactions between a customer and a business has evolved tremendously.  Read More

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Next 5 steps to buy a CRM solution for your business

Having discussed the first stage of CRM buying process, let’s proceed to the second and final stage that is all about defining your CRM requirements. With results of stage one in mind, sailing through this stage will be relatively easy. The sixth step to buy CRM is to understand the adeptness of the team members. 6. Check how well your staff can adopt the new application: Many companies require support from the CRM vendor to help their employees pick up the nuances of the application. Now whether you will require it or not will solely depend on how adept is your staff at picking up new applications and new concepts.  Read More

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First 5 steps to buy a CRM solution for your business

According to Gartner report, many failed CRM cases have occurred because the decision makers overlooked the initial steps of the CRM selection and implementation process. The first step to buy CRM is to ensure that the business executives and business decision makers understand the CRM system and the core CRM setup. 1. Understand the CRM Concept: There’s no point of investing in a CRM if you and your people have a vague understanding of this software tool. Remember once you are equipped with all the necessary information, it can be easy for you to test the knowledge base of the vendors. Let’s say, you can ask your vendor for a few functionalities and see if they can explain them in simple terms. If the vendor fails to provide a convincing explanation on the functionality of their CRM application- do not buy it.  Read More

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Looking for CRM – Facts you need to know

Buying a CRM is a crucial decision. Why do we say it – Have you ever come across a business entrepreneur who wakes up in the morning, yawns, stretches, and then decides his or her business needs a CRM solution. (Sounds insane right?) The realization to buy a CRM comes from hard business realities such as slipping sales, customer service discrepancies, marketing woes, and an escalating series of interrelated problems that ripple across departments. But then is buying a CRM an easy method? Especially when you have at least 800 companies all over the world advertising their CRM solution as the best for diverse business needs. We say YES! Picking a CRM solution from the uncountable options is as easy as picking a pair of jeans from thousands of denim brands.  Read More




2012: 40% Of CRM Systems Sold Are SaaS-Based and the trend continues to rise in 2013 & 2014

The heading sums up the entire essence of the blog. (Yes, you guessed it right), in what follows is a detailed discussion of how the trend of Cloud-based CRM application has accelerated. Supposedly, four out of every ten CRM systems sold in 2012 has been SaaS-based. The Gartner report Market Share Analysis: Customer Relationship Management Software, Worldwide, 2012 published on April, 2013, includes the insights provided by authors across the globe, on exponential growth of CRM application (compared to other enterprise software categories).  Read More

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What should be your social media strategy for 2014?

2013 and 2014 has been tagged as the year of social networking! With multiple social networking platforms coming into the picture, choices have multiplied for the companies. However, simultaneously, it has become a challenge for the enterprises to exactly know which social platform to commit time and resources on. Nearing the end of 2013, industry experts feel each enterprise should be well-planned with their social marketing strategy for the next year. Considering the dominant role that social media has gained in business promotions, it is important to anticipate where social networking is going; the oncoming social media trends and most importantly - how we can get on board.  Read More

Social media strategy


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